Caterpillar ThinkBIG Dealer Technician Training program
Illinois Central College in East Peoria, IL

This is a unique 2-year Associate Degree program that combines academic work at college with live hands-on experience with designated mentor technicians in CAT Dealer service facilities.  Students alternate every 8 weeks between attending classes at Illinois Central College and working at their home base Whayne Supply Co. service facility.  Students are carefully selected for sponsorship based on past academic achievement and testing for mechanical aptitude.

Here are the students that Whayne is sponsoring in the Caterpillar ThinkBIG Dealer Technician Development Program at Illinois Central College (East Peoria, IL).  These 12 students representing branch locations throughout Whayne’s territory started their ThinkBIG program of study in the Fall of 2012​

Choosing a career is a big deal. It’s your future. Your life. There are a lot of ways to prepare for your career, and now is the perfect time to consider your options. Lots of people choose a four-year college. But maybe you’ve decided that’s not for you for a variety of reasons. 
Others start looking for unskilled work right out of high school, but find that most of today’s good jobs require education, skills, training and learning beyond a high school level. Instead of just “getting by,” they want a good-paying job with a future. 
So, What do you do? Enter the field of heavy equipment and diesel engine technology. 
Work on some of the biggest, hardest-working, most technologically advanced pieces of equipment in the world, from the most innovative manufacturers. Become someone who is:
  • Highly skilled and technically trained


  • In demand- readily employable in this gigantic, expanding industry


  • On track for future advancement and promotion


  • Well paid – great money and benefits


  • A respected professional in a respected field


 And even if you’ve never worked on something more advanced than the family car, we have a way to 
provide the training you need for this bold, new career!​

Think BIG About Your Future.   



Whayne Supply Company sponsored ICC ThinkBIG 2014-2016 class

  • Front row L-R:  Marcus Russell (Evansville), John Daddona (Louisville), Dalton Whitworth (Bowling Green), Alex Thompson (E’town), Bailey Schneider (Middletown)
  • Back row L-R:  Jacob Morris (Jeffersonville), Bradley Logsdon (Bowling Green), Derick Stamme (Paducah), Cole Oldham (Hopkinsville)


The Whayne CAT / Walker CAT Scholarship
Louis A. Neichter served as President of Whayne Supply Co. from 1974 to 1984.  He died in 1998.  The Louis A. Neichter WhayneTech Scholarship Program is named in his honor because during this sixty-year employment at Whayne Supply, Mr. Neichter served in many capacities including heavy equipment mechanic and field technician - moving through the ranks to become president of one of the nation's largest and most successful Caterpillar dealerships.