On-site Scheduled Maintenance










With Whayne’s Mobile Lube on-site scheduled maintenance program, we come to your location and do the work!

Scheduled maintenance is vital to the long-term performance of your equipment and can save you money in repairs, parts and lost productivity due to downtime. Now, thanks to our Mobile Lube service you can realize savings more easily and conveniently than ever before!

Mobile Lube Provides

■ Cat Approved Maintenance to Factory Specifications - We will perform a basic preventive maintenance service every 250 hours, as recommended in your maintenance guide.

■ Guaranteed Pricing - We will provide a price quote in writing for service covering your machine for 2,000 hours of equipment life. Plus, we’ll develop a payment schedule that makes your maintenance cost easier to budget.

■ Customer Knowledgeable Service - A Whayne Service Coordinator will be assigned to you, responsible for knowing your equipment, its use, scheduling your service, dispatching servicemen to you, notifying you of service and necessary repairs, and providing written follow-up reports.

Call your Product Support Sales Representative for quote.