Whayne's two rebuild facilities (Louisville and Corbin, Kentucky), staffed by component rebuild specialists, use the latest tools, techniques and test equipment to assure fast rebuilds to exacting tolerances. Engines are dyno-tested at load to seat rings and ensure rated horsepower. A transmission test bench insures proper transmission operation and shift points settings. Rebuilt engines, transmissions and other components are available as an off-the-shelf exchange, or your component can be rebuilt and returned as a firm-priced repair.

LOUISVILLE Power Remanufacturing Center - 29,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled rebuild shop with a transmission and hydraulic test cell and a 2000 hp engine dyno.

CORBIN Power Remanufacturing Center - 35,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled shop with 9 specialized rebuilding areas, a transmission & hydraulic test cell and a 2500 hp engine dyno.

Certified Rebuild Equipment

Whayne/Caterpillar Certified Rebuild restores machines to "like new" performance and reliability for considerably less than new replacement cost. Have a Certified Rebuild performed on your machine (available on select models) or purchase a Whayne rebuilt unit. Take advantage of its built-in second life. Call 1-800-494-2963 or email request for information.  

Undercarriage Rebuilding

All nine locations provide fast service for rebuilt parts. With over $3.5 million invested in undercarriage tooling, Whayne rebuilds idlers, rollers, links and grousers. Many frequently needed components are available from our Exchange Inventory. Flat-rate pricing is available on most repairs.

Transmission Rebuild 

• Disassembly, thorough inspection and cleaning of transmission.
• Reuse clutch plates, clutch pistons, planet shafts, and friction disks according to Caterpillar specifications.
• Replace bearings, seals, gaskets, locks, and electrical components.
• Remanufactured transmissions are built to the latest Caterpillar updates and specifications.
• All transmissions are rebuilt in a Caterpillar Certified 5-Star facility.
• Extra filters for two changes and oil sample.

• Component must not be visibly beyond reuse.
• Cannot be damaged by fire.
• If disassembled, the unit will be repaired time and material with charges related back to the selling branch.
• Competitive brands not accepted.


• Replacement/salvage of major outer housings (outer planetary and outer transfer housings)
• Removal and Installation
• Oils
• Oils cooler repair or replacement
• Overtime
• Missing parts
• Product improvements
• Parts that have been disassembled
• Competitive parts that are not normal wear items.