Whayne Supply Co. Now Represents the E-Ject Scrapers

E-Ject builds construction grade scrapers along with other earthmoving products. Caterpillar formally rolled out a complete line of towed scrapers at Conexpo which are produced by E-Ject Systems of Elkader, Iowa. . E-Ject Systems, which was acquired by Caterpillar, January 2, produces four models of pull-type scrapers available in two different capacities of 17 cubic yards (13 cubic meters) and 22 cubic yards (16.8 cubic meters) in two different configurations— a standard two-wheel (models E-17 and E-22) and a four-wheel design (models E-17XW and E-22XW). According to Product Manager Jay Alexander, customers like E-Ject’s parallel linkage that enables the cutting edge angle to be adjusted for increased loading efficiency, the walking-beam suspension for superior ride and safety through the cut and on haul roads. All of the scrapers include the Cat ejection system that speeds cycle time and reduces carryback. By acquiring E-Ject Systems, Cat further adds to its ability to help customers find the best earthmoving solution. ." Besides the towed earthmovers, E-Ject also produces a 45-cubic-yard (35-cubic-meter) long haul wagon, industrial grade disk harrows, and sheeps foot towed compactor rollers.