​Let Whayne Train Your Operators.


Whayne understands that no matter how good a piece of machinery is, it is only a good as the operator running it.  This is why Whayne Supply offers Certified Operator Training.  Whether someone is brand new or has been operating for 30 years, we have the training for you.  Whayne offers three different levels of training to accommodate operators of all experience.  


This is for operators from 0-12 months of experience. It is a one day class with a mixture of inside and outside training.  We concentrate mainly on machine safety, getting familiar with the machine, and basic operating techniques.  Being safe on and around any heavy equipment is very important. We always include a safety portion of the class to ensure that the operators know what is acceptable around the equipment.  In level 1 training the operators will learn all the warning labels and warning lights on the machine.

 They will learn how to do a proper walk around inspection, along with proper start-ups and shut-downs.  Also they will learn all of the machine’s controls and how to use them properly.  We will get into operating techniques so they can start implementing proper operating procedures in their day to day job.



Is for operators with at least 1+ years of experience.  This is a two day class and is broken up about one day inside, and one day outside.  In this level we refresh them with everything from the Level 1 class, but really get into more operating and site specific training.  The operators must show that they can do proper walk-arounds, proper start-ups and shut-downs.  Level 2 helps the operators understand how small changes can make big differences in production and production cost.  It is important that they understand the proper way to operate and maintain their machines.  This will help with machine uptime, lower maintenance costs, extend machine and ground engaging tool life.   At the end of this class they will receive a certificate of completion.

 Also with level 2 we have a Train the Trainer class which is for on site trainers, foremen, lead operators, etc.  Train the Trainer is where we train a person from your company on all the above, plus how to teach the information to the trainee.  This allows them to do refreshers, or training for new hires.  It could be a foreman when he is watching the operators he can decide whether or not it is being done properly; if not he will know the right way to do it and can tell/show the operator.



This level is for expert operators.   They can earn their certification and are recognized by Cat as a certified operator. This class also refreshes from levels 1 and 2.  They have to show what they have learned from the other levels.  In this level we will give the operators certain tasks to complete.  They will be tested on their machine operation, walk-arounds, start-ups, shut-downs, and written test.  If an operator does not complete the tasks, and with some coaching still can’t complete them proficiently they will not receive their certification.  This ensures that the ones who receive certifications are truly deserving of it, and will be in an elite group of operators.

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